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Fifth Grade

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  • Mrs. Trujillo-Chrisman
  • Mrs. Piccinino      
  • Mrs. Strothers      
  • Ms. Strong           


  • An organized keeper for maintaining planners, folders, etc.
  • Loose-leaf Binder Paper and Graph Paper (8 ½ x11)
  • (6) Single-Subject  Spiral Notebooks  (2ELA, 2 Math, 1 Science, 1 History)
  • Three-Pocket Folders (3) (Homework, Work in Progress, Reading)
  • #2 Pencils (they do not need mechanical)
  • Erasers
  • Highlighters
  • Pens (black or blue ink is the only color accepted for work)
  • Colored Markers, or red pens, for self grading.  (Flair pens work great.)
  • Dry Erase/white board markers and cleaning cloth (old socks work too!)
  • Middle School Dictionary/Thesaurus for home use.
  • Post-It Notes
  • Zipped pencil holders (***no plastic containers, please!).
  • Tissue
  • Back pack (wheeled suggested)
*For school projects later in the year, poster boards/tri-folds will be needed. They will also be in need of a white, clear front, 3- ring binder for their states project.

** Students do not need, nor are they allowed to use calculators. Do not send them with any. Protractors will be used later in the year and we have class sets.

***Colored pencils, crayons, scissors, etc. are good to have, but be aware that we do not use them often. They are not to be brought and used as play toys/distracters or they will be taken. Due to the shavings, we do not want small pencil sharpeners in class.

Classroom Wish List:

As we all know, budgets are growing increasingly tight.  Classroom supplies regularly run low and in order to operate effectively, we would sincerely appreciate the following items throughout the year when/if you are able:

Donations for laser jet printer ink (HP 1505), photocopy paper, tissue, binder paper, graph paper, pencils, pens, whiteboard markers, flair markers, highlighters, student scissors, crayons, and post-it notes and of course, reading book donations from Scholastic. 


empowerment through education.  living a dream. building a future
1.  Students complete their planners daily.  They should have all homework assignments before they leave school.  They will usually have grammar worksheets and writing for Language Arts.  They can expect an assessment for comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary every week.  If they do not score proficient on spelling and vocabulary, they will have to practice those words nightly.  Math can be expected almost daily. Their homework assignments are in their math folders.  Science notes are always due on Thursdays and they can anticipate a quiz every Friday. Most Science and Social Studies assignments can be completed at school. Should they find they have not finished  those lessons adequately, they may need to finish it at home.  Reading is done in class, but for some they need to read at nights and on weekends. 

IMPORTANTHomework is not listed on our website.  As we have provided planners for organization and keeping track of homework, and as we provide daily in class time for completing , we do not list assignments on the site.

2.  Grades can be checked via homelink. You must have a password and if you do not have one, will need to contact the office regarding this.  Friday Folders will go home every Friday and will also include their up to date grades. You will also find their work and tests for the week.  We ask that work be returned so that it may be kept in their school portfolios.   

3. All Spelling and Vocabulary words are on the 5th grade website in the ELA section.


Below are some websites to gain further information about the SBAC testing and practice tests for your children to take at home.


  1. School begins at 8:00 am. I pick up my class at 7:55 am, if your child is not in their seat when the bell rings at 8:00 am, I will mark them tardy and they will have to go to the office for a tardy pass. Students should be lined up on teacher assigned letter by 7:55 am.
  2. Please check out our recommended supply list and send in donations if possible. It is greatly appreciated in advance!
  3. Please make sure to check your child's agenda daily, log onto Homelink (to view attendance and grades), and to sign and check over your child's weekly report (make sure to send back all the work that is stapled with it).
  4. Return your child's Friday Folder back to school every Monday, with the work stapled behind it, as we keep this in their student portfolios.