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SB 277 Reminder: Law Now Fully in Effect - Students can no longer rely on personal belief exemption to avoid vaccinations
new rile for school 7th-12th graders need a whooping cough shot
New Vaccine Requirement This Year!
Who: All students now in 6th – 11th grade
What: Pertussis booster vaccine (T-dap) after age 7
Where: See your doctor or clinic.

Important! You cannot attend school in the Fall 2011!

¡Se requiere nueva vacuna este año!
Quién: Todos los alumnos ahora en grados 6 a 11
Qué: Vacuna de refuerzo contra tos ferina (T-dap) a partir de los 7 años de edad
Dónde: Vaya con su doctor o clínica.

¡Importante! No podrá asistir a la escuela en el otoño sin la prueba.

For more information, see TDAP Page


For students without insurance or on MediCal, the CommuniCare Salud Clinic has free immunizations. You can make an appointment or drop by the walk-in T-dap clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays, 1-5 pm. Salud Clinic is located at 500 Jefferson Blvd #180, West Sacramento, CA 95605.  The phone number is 916-403-2900.
Kindergarten Registration Health Requirements

Kindergarten Registration Health Requirements

Immunizations must be complete:
  • Polio - 4 shots at any age but...3 doses accepted if last given after 4th birthday
  • DTAP - 5 shots at any age but...4 doses accepted if last given after 4th birthday
  • MMR - 2 shots, both after 1st birthday
  • Hepatitis B - 3 Shots
  • Varicella - 1 shot, or documented history of disease
  • A CDHP Physical Form and Oral Health Form are also required.
Free or Low Cost Health Insurance

Free or Low Cost Health Insurance

Yolo County Children's Alliance        
1200 Anna St. Rm 21         
West Sacramento, CA 95605    
(916) 572-0560  

There is a plan available for your child.  Call today.

Yolo County Children's Alliance has professionals that can help families apply for health coverage, food stamps, childcare, and more, free of charge.