Unit 4 Planet Project Assignment-Due April 28th

           Planet Poster Project

                                  Due: April 28th 

          Every student needs to have a poster display of the planet they have chosen to research. All notes about their planet have been completed at school and will go home to assist in this project. They may need more information from your local library or from the internet (check our 3rd grade website). 

          Below will be a list of minimum requirements that must be displayed on your poster, but more information can be added. Each poster must have information written in your own words and not copied word-for-word from a book (or any other source). Be creative and have fun with this project.


Materials Needed: 

  • Poster board (at least 28”x22”)
  • Crayons/Color Pencils/Markers/Paint
  • Notes from school about planet


Information Needed on Poster (can be in bulleted form):

  • Is this an inner or outer planet?
  • Special features of planet (physical characteristics) or something planet is known for
  • Weather/Climate
  • How many moons?
  • Illustration or visual display of planet (must not be printed from the internet and pasted on poster)
  • Any other facts about the planet you want to share
  • Please make sure your poster has at least one flat side, so it may be hung on the wall (for Corda and Folks). It can be 3-D for display for Scott, Dea, and Wong.


Planet Poster Grading Rubric                 

Information (6)


  • All information included

Visual Display (6)


  • Hand drawn or painted

Presentation (3)


  • Used presentation voice
  • Faced the audience

Total Score (15)








Posted by: Emily Dea Published:3/8/17
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