Audience: Third and Third
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Published: 11/4/18

Audience: Third and Third

Homework Packets will be scanned below, but daily homework will be given to your child. 


Homework for February 11th

Homework for February 19th 

Homework for February 25th 

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Published: 8/29/18

Audience: Third and Third


Animal Habitat Diorama


            For your City Wildlife book report you are to choose a factual book or article about your animal that you researched for your animal report.  After reading your book you are to make a creative diorama about your animal’s habitat.  Be sure to follow the directions below very carefully. 


Your diorama will be due Thursday, February 15th.




A diorama is an empty shoebox decorated to display your animal’s habitat.


You will need a shoe box, a 3”x5” index card, construction paper, markers, and various other items that can be used in your project.


1.  Cover the shoe box with construction paper, wrapping paper, or paint.  The inside                     of box will be a model of the animal’s habitat.


2.  Use the descriptions from the book or article to imagine what the animal’s habitat

looks like.  Gather all the items you will need to recreate the habitat inside the shoe box. 


3.  Some items you may wish to use are: clay, small toys, spools, yarn, leaves,

     sand, aluminum foil (for lake, ponds, etc.), buttons, popsicle sticks, twigs,    

     grasses, or anything else you can think of.  BE CREATIVE!


4.  Be sure to anchor (glue, tie, staple, etc.) everything down, so when your                   

     completed diorama is moved, it will not be ruined. 


5.  On a 3”x5” index card, write your name and your animal’s name.



DUE DATE: Thursday, February 15th

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Published: 1/18/18

Audience: Third and Third



Peregrine Falcons: 







Mallard Ducks:


Monarch Butterflies:




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Audience: Third and Third


Welcome to 3rd Grade! These are the list of suggested supplies that your child should come in with on the first day of school. Please shop during the summer and be ready for the first day of school on August 15th. Some supplies will be collected and shared with the entire class, such as glue and tissue. We will add to our wish list throughout the year! We hope your child is as eager as we are in seeing them during our next academic year in 3rd grade!


3rd Grade Supply List

Pencils - 24 pack (Prefer Ticonderogas/Wooden Dixon Pencils)

Facial Kleenex tissue - 2 boxes

Crayons - 1 box

Color Pencils - 1 box


Two-pocket folder for holding Homework (durable folder) - 1


Dry Erase Markers-Skinny or Fat

Re-usable Water Bottle (No spill bottle that has a pop-top preferred)


Wish List:

Baby Wipes for cleaning desks

Gallon Size Ziploc Bags

Red Pens- 1 pack (12 pens)

Markers - 1 box


Spiral notebooks, wide rule

Glue Sticks - 3 pack




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Published: 8/3/16