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Biography Report and Presentation

Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,

          During our Storytelling Unit in Language Arts, we read an informational article called “Oral History.”  In this article, the author described the importance of knowing our personal family history.  It also gave us directions on how to interview family members and record the information that they gave us.  After reading the article we brainstormed and recorded questions that we could use to interview a family member. 


Your assignment is to do the following:


  • Interview a family member (grandparent, parent, aunt/uncle, etc.) using the questions we came up with together in class.  You are to take notes of the important facts, events, or special stories that are shared with you


  • Take your notes and report them onto the biography report form that is attached, using your neatest handwriting


  • Prepare a short oral presentation about the person that you interviewed

These are the items that should be included in your biographical presentation:

                   *Name of person

                   *When/Where they were born

                   *How they are related to you

                   *Name two things that make this person special

                   *Describe an important event in the person’s life

  • Gather two to three items that represent your family member to bring in on your presentation day.  For example, if the person you interviewed is a doctor you could wear a lab coat or a stethoscope.  Look for items in your bedroom, kitchen, garage, backyard, or just about anywhere.  You will need to explain to the class how your items relate to the person you interviewed.    


  • Practice your presentation in front of a mirror, with a parent, or friend. Remember to speak clearly and loud enough so that your classmates can hear and understand you. Practice your presentation a few times at home.  Have fun presenting your family member to your classmates!


  • DUE DATE: May 26th 


*Please look at the attached files for the questions.

Information (7)


  • All information included


Item Representation (3)


  • An item that represents your family member

Presentation (10)


  • Used presentation voice
  • Faced the audience
  • Included all information

Total Score (20

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           Planet Poster Project

                                  Due: April 28th 

          Every student needs to have a poster display of the planet they have chosen to research. All notes about their planet have been completed at school and will go home to assist in this project. They may need more information from your local library or from the internet (check our 3rd grade website). 

          Below will be a list of minimum requirements that must be displayed on your poster, but more information can be added. Each poster must have information written in your own words and not copied word-for-word from a book (or any other source). Be creative and have fun with this project.


Materials Needed: 

  • Poster board (at least 28”x22”)
  • Crayons/Color Pencils/Markers/Paint
  • Notes from school about planet


Information Needed on Poster (can be in bulleted form):

  • Is this an inner or outer planet?
  • Special features of planet (physical characteristics) or something planet is known for
  • Weather/Climate
  • How many moons?
  • Illustration or visual display of planet (must not be printed from the internet and pasted on poster)
  • Any other facts about the planet you want to share
  • Please make sure your poster has at least one flat side, so it may be hung on the wall (for Corda and Folks). It can be 3-D for display for Scott, Dea, and Wong.


Planet Poster Grading Rubric                 

Information (6)


  • All information included

Visual Display (6)


  • Hand drawn or painted

Presentation (3)


  • Used presentation voice
  • Faced the audience

Total Score (15)








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Students need to read a book of their choice and at their level and make a bookmarker (see attached). One side should be a summary and the other side should have a illustration of the book they read. They will need to turn the final bookmarker on February 3rd. Students need to cut both pieces, glue them, and punch a hole to place a ribbon through. Oral presentations will be made after students turn in their completed bookmarker. 

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Animal Habitat Diorama


            For your City Wildlife report, students have researched on their assigned animal using factual books and articles in school. Using their research notes and knowledge of what they have learned, students are to make a creative diorama about their animal’s habitat.  Be sure to follow the directions below very carefully. 


Your diorama will be due Friday, December 9th.




A diorama is an empty shoebox decorated to display your animal’s habitat.


You will need a shoe box, a 3”x 5” index card, construction paper, markers, and various other items that can be used in your project.


1.  Cover the shoe box with construction paper, wrapping paper, or paint.  The inside of box will be a model of the animal’s habitat.


2.  Use the descriptions from the books and/or articles to imagine what the animal’s habitat looks like.  Gather all the items you will need to recreate the habitat inside the shoe box. 


3.  Some items you may wish to use are: clay, small toys, spools, yarn, leaves, sand, aluminum foil (for lake, ponds, etc.), buttons, popsicle sticks, twigs, grasses, or anything else you can think of.  BE CREATIVE!


4.  Be sure to anchor (glue, tie, staple, etc.) everything down, so when your completed diorama is moved, it will not be ruined. 


5.  On a 3”x 5” index card, write the name of your animalyour name, and attach it to the top of your diorama. 



DUE DATE:Friday, December 9th


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Peregrine Falcons:







Mallard Ducks:


Monarch Butterflies:




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Model Drawing : 




Multiplication Order Charts/Tables

Multiplication flashcards

Multiplication Practice Sheet





Comprehension Strategies:

Strategies to practice daily

Questions to ask to build comprehension


Khan Academy Lesson

Go Math! Website (Username- child's name, first initial, last four digit of their lunch number and  Password is their 5-digit lunch number)

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Poetry Unit Project

For part of your homework you will be doing a unit project.  Your unit project will be due Friday, October 7th.  Your assignment is to read as many poems as you can find about friendship.  Attached to the homework packet are a set of 7 poems. You are to read all 7 poems out loud with a parent.  Please have your parents initial next to each poem after you have read it to them.  Parents need to initial all 7 poems they heard read.  If you find more poems that you would like to add to the collection then include them on another sheet of paper, and turn them in with your book project.    

        After reading all of your friendship poems, choose your favorite friendship poem from the list or you may choose one that you find on your own. The poem must be at least eight lines long.  Make a 12”x18” poster about that poem.  The poster must include the title of the poem, the name of the author, the poem, and a picture about your poem. 

        Be ready to share your poster on Friday, October 7th, 2016.  Enjoy!!




A Friend to Me

A friend to me, as you see, 
is very cool and kind.  
Helping me out whenever I need her, 
whenever I'm in a bind.  
She always knows what I need 
and gets it to me fast.  
When my friend and I are together, 
we always have a blast!
Sometimes we nag at each other, 
sometimes it becomes a fight.
However, because of the way that we are, 
it usually turns out right.  
So now you know about two people 
that you will never meet.  
But just know this, I feel much bliss, 
to tell you she is sweet.
~by Kandi, age 13 




A friend is a person who wishes you well,

And keeps all the secrets that you like to tell.

Friends share their toys and their storybooks too,

Friends can be older or younger than you.


Friends can be real or made up in your mind,

But they’re always thoughtful and always kind.


Friends can live nearby or very, very, far,

But your friends are your friends, wherever you are!                 




The Fight


I have a friend.

We had a fight.

I cried myself

to sleep last night.


And when I see

my friend today,

I’ll say, “I’m sorry.

Want to play?”


I hope she’ll say

she’s sorry too---

I’m sure she will---

That’s what friends do.

---Helen H. Moore



I’m Your Friend

I’m happy to see you.

I’m sad when you go.

I’m wishing you’d stay


I’m hoping you know


I’ll be around

and ready to play.

I’m always your friend

even when you’re away.

            --Carol Murray



We Are One World

Pierrelives in Canada,

Marla lives in Spain,

But both like to ride their bikes

Along the shady lane.


Live lives in Norway,

Ramon is in Peru.

But both laugh with the giraffe

When visiting the zoo.


Anwar is Egyptian,

Kim is Japanese.

But both run beneath the sun

And fly kites in the breeze.


Jack is from the U.S.A

Karintha is from Chad.

But both can write a poem at night

Upon a writing pad.


Children live all over,

The world’s a giant ball.

But far and near, it’s very clear

We’re one world after all.

            --Meish Goldish



A New Friend


They’ve taken in the furniture;

I watched them carefully.

I wondered, “Will there be a child

Just right to play with me?”


So, I peeked through the garden fence

(I couldn’t wait to see).

I found the little boy next door

Was peeking back at me.

            --Marjorie Allen Anderson



The New Neighbor

Have you had your tonsils out?

            Do you go to school?

Do you know that there are frogs

            Down by the Willow Pool?


Are you good at cricket?

            Have you got a bat?

Do you know the proper way

            To feed a white rat?


Are there any apples

            On your apple tree?

Do you think your mother

            Will ask me in to tea?

                        Rose Fyleman



A New Friend

They’ve taken in the furniture;

I watched them carefully.

I wondered, “Will there be a child

Just right to play with me?”


So, I peeked through the garden fence

(I couldn’t wait to see).

I found the little boy next door

Was peeking back at me.

            --Marjorie Allen Anderson



The New Neighbor

Have you had your tonsils out?

            Do you go to school?

Do you know that there are frogs

            Down by the Willow Pool?


Are you good at cricket?

            Have you got a bat?

Do you know the proper way

            To feed a white rat?


Are there any apples

            On your apple tree?

Do you think your mother

            Will ask me in to tea?

                        Rose Fyleman

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Welcome to 3rd Grade! These are the list of suggested supplies that your child should come in with on the first day of school. Please shop during the summer and be ready for the first day of school on August 16th. Some supplies will be collected and shared with the entire class, such as glue and tissue. We will add to our wish list throughout the year! We hope your child is as eager as we are in seeing them during our next academic year in 3rd grade!


3rd Grade Supply List

Pencils - 24 pack (Prefer Ticonderogas/Wooden Dixon Pencils and Mechanical Pencils with refills okay for Mr. Wong)

Facial Kleenex tissue - 2 boxes

Highlighters – 1 set (various colors)

Crayons - 1 box

Color Pencils - 1 box


Two-pocket folder for holding Homework (durable folder) - 1


Dry Erase Markers-Skinny or Fat

Re-usable Water Bottle (No spill bottle that has a pop-top preferred)


Wish List:

Baby Wipes for cleaning desks

Gallon Size Ziploc Bags

Sandwich Bags

Red Pens- 1 pack (12 pens)

Markers - 1 box


Spiral notebooks, wide rule

Glue Sticks - 3 pack

Sharpies (black and other colors)


Cardstock paper



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