Fall Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough Results & Pick Up Info

Delivery Date: Fri, Nov 3rd, 2017

Pick up times: Between 2:15 - 5:45PM

Remember to pick up your orders in the cafeteria.

Bounce Spot students will pick up their orders at Bounce Spot.

Please email us at bwipto@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Cookie dough fundraising total are in, and this year was our most successful year ever! Thank you to the 176 students who submitted forms, their neighbors, family and friends who placed orders, and also to those who made direct donations to the PTO. Your efforts and donations benefit all the nearly 1,100 students and 50 educators at Bridgeway Island. Now for the totals. Drum roll please…

Gross sales = $28,999, Profit (post incentives) = $10,931

That’s an increase of $1,932 over last year!

Way to go Bees!



School Wide Incentives

Top 3 Student Sales

$25 Target gift card per student

1st place - Megali Arroyo-Perez - $1,268

2nd place - Ethan Enriquez-Davis - $851

3rd place -  Cooper Stinson - $601

Top Selling Grade (K-8th)

1st place - $300 – Kindergarten - Sold $4,434

K-5th Class Competition
1st place - $150 – Mrs. Logan Gr. 4 - Sold $1,700
2nd place - $100 – Ms. Wiest Gr. K - Sold $1,697
3rd place - $50 – Mrs. Price Gr. K - Sold $1,671

6th-8th Class Competition (1st period)
1st place - $150 – Mrs. Kalinsky Gr. 6 - Sold $2,272
2nd place - $100 – Mr. Rosenburg Gr. 7 - Sold $627
3rd place - $50 – Mrs. Porter Gr 6. - Sold $474



Fall Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Dates are as follows:

Begins Monday, 10/02/17 and Ends Monday, 10/16/17

Cookie Dough Pick Up Date is: Friday, 11/03/17


Cookie dough sales have begun!

Fall is cookie dough time at Bridgeway Island, and cookie dough sales are one of the PTO’s largest fundraisers. There are lots of incentives at the student, classroom, and grade level to help motivate everyone to get out there and sell! This year there’s a large assortment of cheesecakes and pies that will arrive before Thanksgiving, and the convenience of frozen dough and popcorn will make entertaining easy all through the holidays.


Sales run from Monday 10/2 through Monday 10/16, and delivery will occur on Friday 11/3. So talk to your neighbors, family, coworkers and friends and remind them that these sales directly benefit Bridgeway Island K-8 Elementary. 


Fall Cookie Dough Fundraiser Order Form





Volunteer Opportunity

The Fall Cookie Dough Fundraiser Chair position is vacant and ready to be filled!

The process has started:
- Sale runs from Monday 10/2 to Monday 10/16.
- Delivery/distribution is Friday 11/3.


However, there are important tasks left to coordinate/execute.

The big tasks are:
- Tallying the order count and monies with the fundraising contact at close of sales (takes about 3 hours and requires chair plus 2 additional volunteers to assist).
- Organizing/executing distribution on delivery day (takes most of the day and requires chair plus +/- 8-10 additional volunteers).


It would be great if someone would be available to do the heavy lifting on this fundraiser.


If this sounds like something you would like to do, or if you know someone who would be interested, please let us know!

Thank you!

Event Chair:

Erica Lindley